The Best Event Management Companies Should Be Left to Do the Best Brand Endorsements

Delhi is not merely the capital of the nation. It is also the capital of opportunities. A Recent trend in globalisation has enabled the region in its financial growth in a way that is both astounding and inspiring. How is all of it possible? What made the capital a financial and cultural hub for the […]

Keeping It up with the Celebrities Through Their Endorsements

Not every event is small scale. Most of us partake in celebrations because of their flamboyancy, attitude, decorations and the wild style.  If one goes up the financial ladder, one discovers something utterly fascinating. In high-end parties, indulging with celebrities has become more of a staple rather than a status symbol. Now Delhi is a […]

A Vibrating Evening by the Top Event Management Company in Delhi

Perfect weather and clear skies descended on Vibrations, the annual fest of Shivaji College, Delhi University, held on 10 February 2017. The superhit event witnessed performances by some of the most talented artists to a packed audience. The enthralling evening was organised by the top event management company in Delhi, NakedEyeAd. With some of the […]

Celebrity Endorsement Companies Work to Transfer the Love for Celebrities to Different Products

When you see that a celebrity is endorsing a product, you tend to use that particular product. You will find in schools the small children are working themselves in the gym or in the playground and then taking to the health drink that has been endorsed by their favorite sports person. Hence when you think […]