We are dedicated to increasing your bottom line through powerful
advertising technologies.



We are dedicated to increasing your bottom line through powerful
advertising technologies. We focus our efforts on building strong
relationships. We keep our standards impossibly high to meet both

Unique Integrated process:
Listen, Learn, Think, Execute.

Proven Track Record and Experience
Our focused approach and dedication to each job has made us the preferred choice.

Flexible and Responsive
We bring definite advantages over large multi-group agencies, where it's easy to get lost in the shuffle - and have your smaller projects handed down to junior teams, resulting in substandard output and indifferent service.



We believe in brands in their power their value their increasingly important place in consumer’s lives. More than just a goodwill entry on a corporate balance sheet, a brand is the single most important asset any company has.

Being one of the leading advertising agencies in India, we believe that our job is to help clients build lasting brands that live as part of consumers' lives and command their loyalty and confidence. How, we go about doing this is through a proprietary way of thinking and performing our skills.

Before we tell you who we are, we think it's important that you know who we are not. We're not another ad agency promising 'out-of- the-box' creativity and churning out overly-used- and-abused ideas.

We believe brands are living things. They need to be nourished, nurtured and cared for. That is what we at Naked eye do. We are passionate about creating and fostering brands. We have a simple purpose. Some call it mission statement or a vision, but we like to keep things simple. And that's why we simply call it our purpose: 'Creating brands which

people can relate with'. Through a combination of research, strategy, creativity and technology, we help you discover the potential of your brand, and unleash it.